We provide comprehensive support in the field of design,
commissioning and maintenance of
control systems at various enterprises.


We have all the necessary tolerances, licenses and certificates.
We provide a guarantee for the work.


Our specialists have
more than 10 year experience.
We have an extensive portfolio of cases.

Highly qualified specialists

Our employees with specialized technical
education work with clients.

The company "LLS PAT" is engaged in the development and implementation of process control systems at enterprises in various industries (metallurgy, woodworking, metalworking, etc.)

We practice an integrated approach, therefore, we are ready to offer the development of large integrated systems, as well as their individual elements. Automation systems fully comply with current requirements and customer expectations.

We introduce control systems not only at newly formed enterprises, but also at already existing production lines.

Types of objects in which the design of automation systems is possible:

Спортивные объекты
Sports objects
Государственные  объекты
Government facilities
Промышленные объекты
Industrial facilities
Частные объекты
Private objects
Торговые объекты
Shopping facilities
Гражданские объекты
Civilian facilities

Automation is
carried out in the
following systems:

Fire systems
Power control
Water disposal
Water supply


Automated process control system (APCS).

Automation of technological systems and its launch in enterprises performs the following tasks:


Improving the quality and volume of products


Release of resources and capacity building


Minimize manual operations, use of reliable equipment


The company Advanced Automation Technologies offers a comprehensive implementation of process control systems for business owners who seek:

  • increase the level of labor safety;
  • avoid faulty production;
  • streamline processes;
  • improve financial performance of the company.

This service is the best solution for organizations where the technologies used are not highly efficient. It makes it possible to reduce manual operations, and immediately increase the yield of finished products. Introduction of automatic control system is relevant for enterprises where obsolete equipment is installed. You can avoid equipment breakdowns, realize the potential of the company and significantly reduce production costs using our systems.

Integrated design includes several stages:

  • Prelimin ary survey of the facility.
  • Creating a feasibility study for the implementation of process control systems.
  • Development of technical specifications based on the data obtained, discussion of all details with the customer.
  • Creation of design documentation.
  • Development of conceptual design and working documentation.
  • Development of operating papers: manuals, instructions, etc.

We will train staff to work with new equipment, provide technical, software, information and organizational support. Hundreds of completed projects, positive customer reviews, use of modern equipment and extensive experience allow us to carry tasks of any complexity. In case of contacting us you will be able to free up the production resources, allowing your businessto bring more profit.

We will carefully analyze the industry of your enterprise, conduct a detailed check of existing lines and find vulnerabilities. Designing is based on a personal approach to the customer, it means that it fully meets the requirements.


We provide design support, commissioning
and maintenance of control systems.

Your business
is capable of more

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Introduction of modern ready-to-use solutions in existing production facilities
We create projects to increase of the equipment or ready-to-use technological process
Automated System Services
Ready-to-use layout and delivery of the finished product to the final recipient

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