Perform verification
and tuning control systems,
signal quality.


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The company "LLS PAT" is your consultant and assistant in optimization of production processes.

The main activity of the Advanced Automation Technologies is optimization of objects and processes of any complexity.

We carry out automation and technical support of small and large enterprises, buildings, structures.

Types of objects in which the design of optimization systems is possible:

Спортивные объекты
Sports objects
Государственные  объекты
Government facilities
Промышленные объекты
Industrial facilities
Частные объекты
Private objects

is carried out
in the following systems:

Water disposal
Water supply


Automated process control system (APCS)


Improving the quality and volume of products


Release of resources and capacity building


Minimize manual operations, use of reliable equipment


Processes Affected by Optimization

The introduction of control system at the facility, followed by optimization of activities controlled by automation, will bring economic benefits.

  • Increase in demand for products in a competitive environment can be achieved by reducing costs and improving quality. Both of these conditions are met with process optimization. The consumption of raw materials and energy is reduced. The technological process is not broken. The quality of the incoming ingredients is continuously monitored.
  • Reduced staff costs. With the introduction of process control systems, there will be no need for meters, the number of technological personnel will decrease.
  • Improving environmental stress. Reducing harmful emissions, reducing transport losses, the absence of salvo discharges is economically beneficial for the enterprise, since fines for violations are significant.
  • Warehouse optimization. Optimally built logistics will reduce storage space and staff. Continuous control of the minimum stock will be performed by the process control system.

The results of such measures are high products demand and acceleration of working capital movement. The economic performance of the company will be increased, it is the main goal of process control systems implementation and subsequent optimization.

optimization design

We provide design support, commissioning
and maintenance of control systems.

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