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The company "LLS PAT" provides a full range of services for the design and assembly of control cabinets and automation.

The control device is an important component of the automation process. Operability and service life depend o correct creation of electrical circuit diagram and selection of elements included in it, quality of all elements connection, proper installation and start-up.

We carry out automation from small boiler rooms to large industrial enterprises, buildings and structures.

Types of objects in which the supply of electrical cabinets is possible:

Промышленные объекты
Industrial facilities
Частные объекты
Private objects
Торговые объекты
Shopping facilities
Гражданские объекты
Civilian facilities

Assembly electrical
cabinets is carried out in the
following systems:

Water disposal
Water supply

switchboard equipment

The production of switchboard equipment and their launch in enterprises performs the following tasks:


Improving the quality and volume of products


Release of resources and capacity building


Minimize manual operations, use of reliable equipment

Classification control cabinets

Control and automation cabinets are classified according to the following criteria:

  • appointment (operational, non-operational, combined);
  • place of installation (external, internal);
  • installation method (floor, wall mounted, for installation in a niche);
  • material of manufacture (metal, plastic);
  • degree of protection (conventional manufacturing, dust and water tight);
  • number of sections (one-, two-, three-and multisection);
  • design features (with one or more doors, with built-in type grounding, with additional mounting panels, etc.).

Standard cabinets are made of metal with a thickness of not more than 3 mm, painted with powder paint. When arranging the structural components of a control cabinet or remote control, it is necessary to take into account:

  • installation location (the product should not spoil the appearance of the room);
  • dimensions of the product (instruments and devices should be placed correctly and in a certain order there);
  • possibility of unhindered access to services;
  • safety of operation and maintenance.

The company designs, manufactures and installs, according to individual orders, the following types of cabinets:

  • Instrumentation cabinets
  • Cabinets (SCS) IT
  • Automation cabinets
  • Engine control cabinets MCC
  • Distribution cabinets 0.4 kV, ShchR
  • Cabinets of own needs SHSN
  • Control cabinets

Our experts will develop technical specifications in accordance with the characteristics of the process or the characteristics of the object. We will pick up reliable components (controllers, sensors, control and display devices, etc.) from recognized domestic and foreign manufacturers. The terms of reference will be agreed with the Customer. After its approval, they will begin to compile a set of documentation, according to which the work will be evaluated (specifications, estimates, working drawings, if necessary, software).

Equipment is assembled at its own premises.Delivery of the finished product is carried out by the company's own transport. After installation, we perform the installation test, after which an act of commissioning is signed.

Order design
switchboard equipment

We provide design support,
commissioning and maintenance of switchboard equipment

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