The company "LLS PAT"
provides professional services
for the maintenance of automation and
dispatch systems.


We have all the necessary tolerances,
licenses and certificates.


Our specialists have more than
10 year experience. We have an extensive portfolio of cases.

Highly qualified specialists

Our employees with specialized technical
education work with clients.

The company "LLS PAT" provides professional services for the maintenance of automation and dispatch systems.

We carry out tasks of any complexity. We work with objects of any scale, from small organizations to large industrial enterprises.

We guarantee quality work.

Types of objects in which the maintenance of automation systems is possible:

Спортивные объекты
Sports objects
Государственные  объекты
Government facilities
Промышленные объекты
Industrial facilities
Частные объекты
Private objects
Гражданские объекты
Civilian facilities

is carried out
in the following systems:

Water disposal
Water supply

of automation systems

Automated process control system (APCS).

Automation of technological systems and its launch in enterprises performs the following tasks:


Improving the quality and volume of products


Release of resources and capacity building


Minimize manual operations, use of reliable equipment

100% control

We guarantee results and increased competitiveness. High quality of finished products, elimination of defects and reduction of losses.

Information about
maintenance of control systems

We carry out after-sales service of automation systems and provide their application within the framework of your production. The list of services includes:

  • Maintenance and testing of systems;
  • Detection and troubleshooting;
  • On-site visit as soon as possible;
  • Quick settlement of emergency stops;
  • Fulfillment of scheduled repair work;
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment.

maintenance of
control systems

The company "LLS PAT"
designs and implements
ready-to-use control systems. Management
of the technological process of any
production allows you to solve related
problems, provides control and reporting.

Your business
is capable of more

We will prove it to you

Inspection of facilities, collection of technical information and approval of technical specifications
Introduction of modern ready-to-use solutions in existing production facilities
We create projects to increase of the equipment or ready-to-use technological process
Ready-to-use layout and delivery of the finished product to the final recipient

We will answer your questions as soon as possible
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