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The company "LLS PAT" provides services for the comprehensive modernization, automation of systems and processes.

Modernization is the replacement of a product construction scheme with an outdated component base with a scheme built using the latest achievements in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

In some cases, modernization is carried out in connection with introduction of new regulatory requirements for a particular device, production line or in connection with changes made in technological process. It improves technical specifications, functionality, reduces power consumption, increases the useful life and reliability.

In addition, modernization allows you to save money only because the purchase of a new product often costs much more.

Types of objects in which the modernization is possible:

Спортивные объекты
Sports objects
Государственные  объекты
Government facilities
Промышленные объекты
Industrial facilities
Частные объекты
Private objects
Торговые объекты
Shopping facilities

is carried out
in the following systems:

Water disposal


Automated process control system (APCS).


Improving the quality and volume of products


Release of resources and capacity building


Minimize manual operations, use of reliable equipment

Stages of modernization

The main stages of modernization include:

  • examination of the existing control cabinet at the place of its installation and decision-making on the possibility of modernization;
  • preparation of technical specificationsand its coordination with the Customer;
  • collection of necessary technical information;
  • implementation of outline sketch or preliminary version of the project, according to which further assembly of the product will be carried out;
  • selection of components and materials of domestic or foreign production, and in some cases the finished system;
  • development of design documentation using automatic design systems, including specifications, statements of purchased products and cost estimates;
  • assembly (it can be carried out at the place of installation of the product or on the premises of our company);
  • installation at the installation site;
  • adjustment and testing;
  • commissioning with the issuance of an act of work performed and other necessary documentation.


The company Advanced Automation Technologies will carry out work on the modernization of existing automation systems in the shortest period of time and it will allow:

  • introduce a modern base of components that will maximize the capabilities of the device, production line or its individual sections;
  • increase labor productivity;
  • reduce labor costs;
  • reduce the amount of human operations;
  • reduce operating and maintenance costs;
  • reduce troubleshooting time.

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We provide support in the design,
commissioning and maintenance of
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